Simplify your clean eating habits and get in shape


You want to minimize packaged foods and love the idea of clean eating?! You are a busy woman with perhaps many facets: wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, lover…And you probably know almost everything about wholesome nutrition…

Realizing that processed foods, refined grains (e.g. in white bread), high amounts of added sugar and harmful saturated fats and trans fats are the root of obesity and chronic illnesses like e.g. heart disease or type 2 diabetes is one thing…Putting this knowledge into action is totally different.

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You recognize the importance of whole foods

You read about clean eating in magazines or you heard about it on television. The food pictures are pleasing to look at and the recipes appear great. Unfortunately, many of the meals and snacks are elaborate and/or expensive.

The more you learn about it the more you feel like changing your diet is a daunting task. In short: you are aware of and recognize the importance of whole foods, but you find it difficult to adhere to a whole foods diet.

How to be balanced

I am sure that you have a good idea of what you need to do. You know you have to simplify and change your habits. Yet, you still want to occasionally indulge in popcorn or a glass of wine. You want to learn how to be balanced. You do not want to obsess about avoiding unhealthy foods and focus exclusively on “eating clean” or organic foods!

Why I can help you!

I have many years of experience in the food and nutrition field, as well as an insatiable desire for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.

My strengths include analyzing problems and finding solutions. My science and practical experiences can help guide you towards maintaining healthy eating habits. Many of these habits are part of my daily life.

Don’t worry; you will get excellent nutritional advice without any of the hype. Expect a steady flow of easy nutrient-dense recipes and high fiber foods with lots of fruits and vegetables. I want to help you to live a radiant and happy life!

Are you organizationally challenged?

It is difficult to stay organized and motivated regarding natural food to eat and exercise. It can be overwhelming to think of everything that needs to be done to change habits and to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Do you sometimes feel organizationally challenged?
Do you want to change too many things, all at once?

I will help you slow down and make one little change every week.

You are not alone!

Each week you will get a new “habit” or “concept” to learn, without having to try to form all the goals yourself. I take all the guesswork out of it.

In addition, to bite-size process goals, you get the knowledge on how to achieve those changes with an effective stepwise approach.

I provide a small, simplified habit change for you to work towards each week. You will have your own coach and online community cheering you on.

This is not a fad diet!

I have compiled for you the best and most practical advice in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and happiness. To get a feeling for my writing style click through to learn how to cook brown rice on the stove.

And… I provide a lot of background information on the habit changes. All of the ideas are easy to put into practice.

You can expect a structured yet flexible 52-week program for change that will help you get your cooking and exercise patterns on autopilot.


Not tailored for everyone

Before you read any further…I want you to know that I do not adhere strictly to any rigid principles. Instead, expect a “lean” concept with my personal spin focusing on simplicity in the context of a mainly plant-based clean diet. Expect my best advice regarding grocery shopping or meal prep. I do not endorse buying strange supplements or food groups that deplete your grocery store budget!

Does every idea work for you?


Implementing all of the 52 habit changes should not be your long-term goal. If you are not interested in a challenge or it goes against your core beliefs, just skip that week and continue focusing on the changes you have already made.

Inspiring sustainable habit changes

With LeanJumpStart, I want to inspire you! My 52-week challenge – I call it the “52 Chef Habits Program” is an ideal approach that does not propose overnight changes. LeanJumpStart helps you achieve a radiant life.

Small changes, one per week, will add up to some significant improvements in your wellbeing and quality of life.

Make your habits stick at your own pace!

Click below and learn everything you need to know about the 52 Chef Habits Program!


Be kind to yourself! You deserve a radiant and happy life!



13 thoughts on “Simplify your clean eating habits and get in shape”

  1. Dear Gabi;

    Thank you for this amazing program! It’s the best that I ever had containing easy reading of healthful living and curing diseases. I like this program because it is loaded with ways that are easy to follow that I can achieve a healthy level of fitness, healthy habits, little time commitment and the plan goals and meal plans that are so exiting! I am serious about following a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    Thank you , Zuzanna

    • Dear Zuzanna,
      thank you so much for your kind words regarding my program. I’m glad that you like it:)
      Feel free to come back here whenever you have a question.
      I’m wishing you all the best on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

  2. I feel out of control and tired. I am a little less weight then my 9th month of pregnancy and my baby is 9 years old. I am always up and down on my weight. Looking for a realistic feel good permanent solution. And paperback.

    • Dear Robin,
      you are very welcome here and I hope you will enjoy the clean eating journey with us:)
      Feel free to share with us your best clean eating recipes and ideas that worked for you in the last 5 years .

  3. Dear Gabi, I am new about clean eating, I’ve always wanted to try it though. I am looking for a new eating life style for my health. And my growing daughter as well. I need to know what’s best.


    • Dear Miranda, it’s great having you on board here! Expect each week a new challenge you can try in the context of clean eating. With little tiny steps we will get the “marketing” out of you kitchen and naturally focus on cleaner, whole foods. Enjoy the journey:)

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