Improve Your Health,
Lose Weight & Feel Great 
in Just 5 Minutes a Day
Without Dieting!

The Key to Sustainable Clean Eating
Habits for Busy Women

Are you fed up with being the Number 1 obstacle in your life?

  • Do you think you can't afford to eat clean?
  • Is it hard for you to stay organized and motivated regarding healthy food and exercise?
  • Do you have a habit of starting a program and then not sticking to it?

Hi, I'm Gabi. I’m a certified coach, bestselling author,
and happy 

The easiest way to change
your life and your health
is with a process.

Learn how to create sustainable clean eating habits to boost your energy levels and maintain a healthy body without spending a fortune or invest hours in your kitchen. Now you can improve your health, lose weight and feel great in just 5 minutes a day without dieting.

Discover the most sustainable way
to Clean Eating 

You know that clean eating works as a great game changer. And yet, this time you don’t want to leave
anything to chance. You are aware of the importance of whole foods, but you find it challenging to adhere
to a whole foods diet. You are prepared to start with healthier habits as soon as possible, but you still have
so many questions and struggles before you begin:

  • You don't drink enough water.
  • Bread is your downfall.
  • Sweets are your weakness.
  • You are an emotional eater.
  • You love salty snacks.
  • You find it difficult to commit to preparing complicated meals.
  • You are not consistent with exercising.
  • You are on a tight budget with no wiggle room.
  • You don't enjoy cardio.

How You Make 
Clean Eating Habits Stick!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn to cook well, save time & money, and manage a lifestyle with healthy
nutritious foods?

So how do you accomplish any goal and make any new habits stick for longer than a few weeks?
There is a very specific and well-researched method for doing just that.

8 Steps You Must Follow to Build
Sustainable Habits into your Life

  • Step 1: Plan before you start.
    Before you jump right into your new habit, take several days or weeks to plan out your challenge. Make sure to think through the eating changes and the adjustments you, and those around you, have to make to accommodate this new lifestyle.
  • Step 2: Start small.
    If you want to lose weight, pick one little thing like changing your nutrition and break it down into something even smaller like eating more veggies. Then break that habit down further into nibbling one piece of vegetable while preparing dinner.
  • Step 3: Make it easy.
    When you first make a habit begin to do it for a short period of time, say five minutes. This might sound too easy, but believe me, this 5 minute rule is really important. Sticking to five minutes even if you feel like you could go longer makes it so easy you won't feel resistant to doing it. Then once you feel your habit has become automatic, slowly increase your time.
  • Step 4: Have triggers.
    A trigger reminds you to do your clean eating habit, and your new routine should immediately follow the trigger.  It should be a well-established habit you already have and do regularly like brushing your teeth. If you want to live healthier, for example, drinking sufficient water per day is essential. Break that down into drinking 1 glass of water each day after you have brushed your teeth. Now you have connected a new habit to an already automated habit (your trigger). 
  • Step 5: Reward yourself.
    Give yourself a small reward after you finish that healthy eating habit, immediately after your established habit. It could be anything from reciting a positive affirmation, checking off a checklist in your calendar, or listening to music - whatever feels like a reward for you. Give that to yourself after your habit. And if that reward feels wrong then change it up and choose something different.
  • Step 6. Create an accountability system.
    Many of us don't tell others when we begin with new eating habits because we don't want to be embarrassed if we fail. But public accountability can be a great motivator. So announce your clean eating habit on Facebook or another Social Media site, or email all your friends and let them know, then create a daily system of reporting progress to people.
  • Step 7: Set up a backup plan.
    Also you want to set up a backup plan for yourself in case something happens to disrupt your clean eating habits. And more than likely something will happen to disrupt your habit. You might get sick, you will have to travel, anything could happen, and you may have a day or two where your habit gets interrupted, so you want to be prepared for that.

Besides the 7 steps that make healthy habits stick, I learned Jerry Seinfeld's powerful method for sustainable habit creation. Yes, I'm talking about "the Jerry Seinfeld" who is regarded as one of the
“Top 100 Comedians of All–Time” by Comedy Central.

What is most impressive about Seinfeld’s career isn’t the earnings, awards, or the special moments — it’s the remarkable consistency of it all. Year after year, show after show, he creates, performs, and entertains at an extremely high standard. Jerry produces with a level of consistency that most of us wish we could bring to our daily work.

Seinfeld's effective approach focuses on the creation of Behavior Chains.

Using Seinfeld's effective behavior chain strategy but also working on the 7 steps: the planning, starting small and to 5 minutes, the trigger, the reward, the system of accountability and also having a backup plan –
this will go such a long way in helping you to sustain clean eating habits.

How the creation of habit chains helped me unconsciously break my sugar addiction.

By the time I was 25 I had tried most of the common fad diets. I knew most types of weight loss programs and I'd gained an additional 15 pounds. I found myself busily chasing a dream of being fit and slender, but instead leading an unhappy and unhealthy life.

What I discovered after the many failed attempts at weight loss - you won't believe me - was the Cabbage Soup Diet! The 7 day cabbage soup diet back then was for me a real game changer. After a successful detoxifying week with cabbage soup I decided to stop eating processed sugar altogether and going "cold-turkey".

I took a yearly calendar and marked each day with a blue highlighter when I managed it to be without processed sugar. I included even honey in this ban, but also products with invisible sugar like ketchup or ready-made salad dressing, just to not trigger any sugar cravings.

In the beginning each month of the calendar had some white space interruptions - the sugar cravings were just too hard for me - but over the time it got easier. From month to month there were less days with "white space" and I found better replacements for processed sugar treats. 

I loved seeing blue blocks on my calendar - it kept me highly motivated. This is exactly the inspiring "behavior chain strategy" Seinfeld describes. But...nor did I know Seinfeld's strategy then, nor did I suspect that my approach was scientifically well researched.

My only job was to avoid breaking the chain or in my case not to interrupt the blue blocks. It was like magic, my sugar addiction slowly shifted towards a "blue block addiction". 

After one year I was "clean". I remember then 3 months in a row with blue blocks - I was so proud! And I knew I could go without processed sugar forever. But i decided after this experiment to go the 80/20 route.

I just aimed for 80% healthy eating while 20% was reserved for optional diversion from the plan - in seldom cases this could be even treats with processed sugar. Balance for me was already then - more than 20 years ago - essential.

You do not have to be perfect all the time. The 20% gives me also today the necessary flexibility for different situations like birthdays, dining out, snacks etc.

How to implement all those strategies
quick and easy? 

The easiest way is a simplified program that I created with the focus on making your clean eating habits stick. 
I call it the 52 Chef Habits Program.

It’s the best of all that you have seen yet in the context of clean eating habits. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the complete process however, this program is not for everybody.

Is the “52 Chef Habits Program“ for you?

The action-oriented 52 Chef Habits Program is for "doer", not just reader or hearer. It doesn't benefit you if you just consume a lot of information but don't put it into practice. And of course you should be somebody who loves to learn new things.

    My program is for people who don't have much time to spend in their kitchen for preparing complicated meals. Maybe your work hours are crazy and you are usually exhausted by the time you get home. Or maybe until now you just didn't like cooking or felt you can't afford to cook clean.

    The 52 Chef Habits are especially for people who probably know almost everything about healthy nutrition but can't put it into practice even for those who are teaching healthy nutrition in fitness courses or in hospitals and clinics as diabetes assistants or nutrition coaches. 

    These are the most important points to consider when you ask yourself if the 52 Chef Habits Program
    could be workable for you.

    Transform Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day with
    the New
    “Clean Eating Habits” Process!

    This 52 Chef Habits Program delivers precise, step-by-step instructions on how to create sustainable clean eating habits to improve health, lose weight and feel great without dieting.

    Here are the unique benefits you get
    when you jumpstart
    your clean eating
    with the 52 Chef Habits.

    • 1. Regain your energy and feel less sluggish.
    • 2. Maintain your overall body as healthy as possible​.
    • 3. Just feel better, and if weight loss comes with it - great!
    • 4. Lose some inches around your tummy.
    • 5. Spike your metabolism.
    • 6. Learn to cook well and save money.​
    • 7. Manage a busy lifestyle with healthy nutritious food.​
    • 8. Break sugar habits and stop cravings​.
    • 9. Have better concentration and mood.
    • 10. Boost your self-confidence.
    • 11. Develop a positive attitude​.

    The Clean Eating Miracle:
    The 52 Chef Habits Email Course

    You will get immediate enrollment in the ‘52 Chef Habits’ course, which includes 52 weeks of premium materials delivered straight to your email inbox. While most online programs attempt to dump a large volume of content on you all at once, the email format of this course will deliver well-defined action steps in bite-sized chunks so that you can accomplish one critical step at a time with absolute focus.

    You can expect:

    habit changes

    1. 52 new changes in the field of clean eating, fitness or happiness
    with important background information
    including the "Why" and "How".


    2. Suggestions for reliable triggers that send a signal to your brain
    letting you know that it is time to perform the specific action.


    3. Each habit change will start small and simple so that you can’t say no. 
    This is the most essential step not only in creating clean eating habits, 
    but in establishing smart habits in general.

    5 minutes habits

    4. Easy, baby-step changes lead to big changes (the behavior itself).
    Most healthy habits won’t take you longer than 5 minutes.


    5. An inspiration for a possible immediate and/or middle-term reward
    after exercising the habit resulting in good feelings
    (like self-confidence, accomplishment, etc.). 
    That way your brain learns to remember this pattern for the future.

    social accountability

    6. Advice on creating a system of social accountability
    through family, friends, social communities, tools and checklists
    for positive reinforcement.

    Backup Plan

    7. Advice on creating a solid backup system
    you prepare in advance for unplanned situations.

    seinfeld strategy

    8. Effective tools to put the behavior chain strategy 
    for habit creation into practice.

    But wait there is more...

    • Pretty pictures, checklists and tools in bright colors
    • Beautifully designed, thought provoking annual goals planner
    • Additional 4-Week Menu with quick and easy clean eating recipes

    …And that’s not all, expect:

    • 5 Video Tutorials supporting the 52 Chef Habits Program

    Video 1: How to Simplify Clean Eating with the 80/20 Rule

    Video 2: The Top 3 Kitchen Items You Need in Your Clean Eating Kitchen​

    Video 3: The Top 5 Substitutions to Keep Your Cooking and Baking Clean

    Video 4: Top 5 "Clean Eating" Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Bodyfat

    Video 5: Surprising 6 Ways to Eat Clean and Save Money

    • 52 weekly emails with inspirational picture quotes in the field of health and habits because the right quote hits you with the right amount of motivation just the moment when you need it most.
      365 Picture Quote Emails

      What People Are Saying
      About the 52 Chef Habits

      John Doe UI/UX Designer

      “52 Chef Habits is a very comprehensive program to creating a healthy lifestyle”

      Gabi not only covers the practical side of weight loss, she also talks about ways of dealing with the emotional aspects, which is often overlooked in other concepts.

      I love her baby step approach from creating your own personal checklist
      to accepting your setbacks along the way, so that you can move forward with a positive outlook. This course covers it all, including delicious recipes and motivational quotes.

      As a fitness and dance instructor since 1990 I have witnessed first hand what keeps people motivated and I believe Gabi has nailed it in her amazing course. I HIGHLY recommend 52 Chef Habits to everyone, because we can all use a bit of what Gabi has to offer.”

      Lorelie Carvey, C.P.T.
      - Connecticut, USA

      “Gabi has done a wonderful job putting this 52 week program together.”

      I am a wellness nurse and I help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.
      She has developed a very practical and doable program for anyone looking
      to get healthy, lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle.

      The course has beautiful illustrations to inspire and motivate. Each week presents a new challenge that will assist you in living a healthy life. She has a holistic approach to health, which I believe to be very important in maintaining wellness. Gabi is very knowledgeable and is able to present the information in a fun and enjoyable manner.

      I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and she is “spot on” with her program.
      If you are looking for a program to make permanent changes to your lifestyle,
      and not just another diet program, then this course is for you.

      Valerie Long (RN, BSN, Wellness Nurse)
      - Missouri, USA
      John Doe UI/UX Designer
      John Doe UI/UX Designer

      “Are you ready to make changes that will lead you
      to a better life?”

      Gabi Rupp has created this wonderful 52-weeks program that will accompany you during this special time of your life, which can be very challenging. The program she has devised will take easy small steps, making every change very approachable. She will help you visualize your goals, reward your commitment and keep the right motivation to succeed.

      In her weekly emails you will find all the tools you need to persevere, to keep inspired, and to love what you do. You will be able to interact with Gabi and other subscribers, and that will help you to go on when things get hard. Slowly this program will become your daily habit. You will want to check your progress, you will feel overjoyed when you see that it functions. And slowly you will see that your body will become better and better.

      The program is filled with lovely recipes too, changes you can make in your kitchen to become healthier, organizational tips… and of course it will always focus on you and your goal.

      You are taking a very powerful step by signing up for this program.

      Angela Milesi
      - Western Australia

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      Undated planner that
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      Weekly habit change
      checklist (Seinfeld Strategy)

      Weekly Clean Eating
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      A weekly 
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      Yearly dated
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      A place to write your
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      • An extraordinary collection of my favorite and most inspirational happiness quotes from around the world and throughout history. 
      • These uniquely curated quotes include a special section where you can explore your own inspiration through self-reliance exercises. It will help you to find happiness within yourself where you can discover a better version of you.
      • Inspirational Picture Quotes about Happiness is a beautiful combination of photography and timeless wisdom. As one of a series of Picture Quotes books it is written for the lover of visually appealing motivational quotes.
      • Brilliant color photos grace each page, encouraging the readers further towards their happiness goal. This Happiness book is perfect to carry on your cell phone for daily affirmations and uplifting messages, sure to make each day a little brighter.

      You will have access to a program that lets you maintain results in the long term. I’ve been helping people overcome the barriers to healthy eating and successful weight loss for years and I’ve compiled every question, answer, tip, and trick about habit change I’ve learned into this course, allowing you to reap the benefits of my experience and those of my readers.

      There are hundreds of things that you might not know that can make a tremendous difference in your success with Clean Eating Habits – Once you know these you can plan your approach in advance. This means you remain more in control and can be confident when deciding what, when, and how you’ll eat.

      Gabi Rupp
      Creator of the
      52 Chef Habits Program

      About the Author

      I’ve been interested in nutrition since the late 80s and since then have tried most food fads and diets for myself. My experiences have convinced me that optimal nutrition is achieved through a combination of eating the right balance of healthy foods and developing smart, sustainable habits.

       At the end of 2013, I created where I use a blend of proven science and practical experience to help people get in shape and stick with their new healthy habits.


      The Email Course only OR Email Course with bonuses+videos, you decide.

      The STARTER Package
       The budget option (but still great!)

      Here's "What You Get" 

      • Immediate Enrollment in the 52 Weeks
        Chef Habits Email Course 
      • 52 Weeks of Baby-Step Changes (PDFs) in the field of clean eating, fitness or happiness
      • Effective Checklists and Tools
        in Bright Colors
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      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


      The CLASSIC Package
       Everything you need to create sustainable, healthy habits

      Here's "What You Get" 

      • Immediate Enrollment in the 52 Weeks
        Chef Habits Email Course 
      • 52 Weeks of Baby-Step Changes (PDFs) in the field of clean eating, fitness or happiness
      • Effective Checklists and Tools
        in Bright Colors
      • Free Email Support
      • 6 Weeks of Advanced Changes (PDFs) to make your healthy habits stick
      • Bonus 1: 52 Chef Habits Weekly Planner (PDF) - the practical working book (Sells for $27.00)
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      The PLUS Package
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      advanced package

      Here's "What You Get" 

      • Immediate Enrollment in the 52 Weeks
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      • 52 Weeks of Baby-Step Changes (PDFs) in the field of clean eating, fitness or happiness
      • Effective Checklists and Tools
        in Bright Colors
      • 5 Video Tutorials
      • 52 x Weekly Emails with Inspirational
        Picture Quotes 
      • 12 Weeks of Advanced Changes (PDFs) to make your healthy habits stick
      • Additional 4-Week Menu with yummy and easy clean eating recipes
      • Free Email Support
      • Bonus 1: 52 Chef Habits Weekly Planner (PDF) - the practical working book (Sells for $27.00)
      • Bonus 2: Inspirational Picture Quotes (PDF)
        about Happiness (Sells for $13.00)

      price tag 159 USD

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


      Here is what other participants have to say:

      John Doe UI/UX Designer

      “This program is terrific!”

      "Truthfully, I think the 52 Chef Habits Program is terrific. I love the calendar blocking system. Also learning how to replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy habit to me is a lifestyle now. My body is no longer craving sweets or cake because I've replaced it with fruits. Anyway, I found the course exciting and easy to understand. It's also easy to access. It is full of color which I like."

      Janet Arroyo
      - Tennessee, USA

      “This program is good for anyone who has ever tried
      to eat right but has failed after the first few weeks.”

      You are brought into the program each week with a new healthy habit to learn. The charts are colorful, who wouldn't want to eat this beautiful food! Some of the weekly challenges are simple while others are a little harder. Just as in our lives we have things that are easy for us, eating fruit, while others are hard, for me that is drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Follow the plan, focus on your goal for the week, and reward yourself. 

      If you have trouble with a week repeat it until it becomes a habit. This plan is yours!
      You can adapt it to your way of life. Don't give up, you can do this!

      Enjoy this program and reap the rewards. You will be so happy you made the decision to purchase 52 Chef Habits by Gabi Rupp. This is the perfect time of year and it makes a perfect gift.

      Cindy Batdorf
      - Pennsylvania, USA

      John Doe UI/UX Designer
      John Doe UI/UX Designer

      “Thank you for this amazing program.”

      "It's the best I ever had containing easy reading of healthful living and curing diseases. I like this course because it is loaded with ways that are easy to follow that I can achieve a healthy level of fitness, healthy habits, little time commitment and the plan goals an meal plans that are so exciting. I am serious about following a healthy and happy lifestyle. Thank You!"

      Zuzanna Prohanka
      - Windsor Ontario, Canada

      “Having never heard of clean eating before, I must admit
      I was intrigued when I discovered your website.”

      Now having started at your program and am keen to introduce it to my daughter too.

      The course is extremely well laid out, with clear instructions, which makes it easy to follow the program. 
      I love the baby steps, which undoubtedly lead to forming good habits
      for a much healthier lifestyle.
       At first 52 new habits sounded a little daunting!
      However, I soon realised that I practice some already in my life
       and other choices will be much easier to turn into habits with your non- judgemental motivation
      – as well as the planners, charts and checklists, all prepared to simplify things for your readers. Tick, tick, tick! I also appreciate that the information and encouragement you give is all adaptable to one’s personal situation.

      I especially love your money-saving tips and uncomplicated recipes – they make the whole program so easy to follow and meal times a reward in themselves!
      You really have thought of everything,
      from shopping lists to a full 7 day menu planner with all the recipes – and of course your “giggle” advice and that shining Hall of Fame!

      Thank you, Gabi, for a truly inspirational program. I am not sure I will ever achieve the flat stomach you mention but your help and advice will certainly give me a healthier lifestyle!

      Emily McDonald
      - West Sussex, United Kingdom

      John Doe UI/UX Designer


      52-Week Email Course

      The Starter Package
      The budget option
      (but still great!)

      • Enrollment in Email Course
      • 52 Baby-Step Changes (PDF)
      • Effective Checklists & Tools
      •  Free Email Support
      • Bonus 1: Weekly Planner
      • Bonus 2: Happiness Book
      • Advanced Changes (PDF)
      • 5 Video Tutorials
      • Additional 4-Week Menu
      • 52 x Email Picture Quotes


      No credit card required.


      52-Week Email Course + Bonuses

      The Classic Package
      Everything you need to create 
      sustainable healthy habits (better value)

      • Enrollment in Email Course
      • 52 Baby-Step Changes (PDF)
      • Effective Checklists & Tools
      • Free Email Support
      • Bonus 1: Weekly Planner
      • Bonus 2: Happiness Book
      • Advanced Changes (PDF)
      • 5 Video Tutorials
      • Additional 4-Week Menu
      • 52 x Email Picture Quotes


      No credit card required.


      52-Week Email Course + Bonuses + Videos 

      The Plus Package
      The advanced course to take
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      • Enrollment in Email Course
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      • Bonus 1: Weekly Planner
      • Bonus 2: Happiness Book
      • 12 Advanced Changes (PDF)
      • 5 Video Tutorials
      • Additional 4-Week Menu
      • 52 x Email Picture Quotes


      No credit card required.

      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      If you have any doubts left that this program and fantastic bonuses can help you achieve the goals you dream of – then you should finally consider my money-back-guarantee.​

      No Gimmicks, Tricks or Fine Print. I’m offering a 100%,
      no questions asked, personal Money-Back-Guarantee. That’s how confident I am that the 52 Chef Habits 
      Program will transform your life!

      I’m prepared to let you gain full access to the 52 Chef Habits Program to see for yourself. That means 60 days to try out my program. If you aren’t completely satisfied that this program is everything I’ve promised, then I’ll insist on giving you a complete refund.

      All you have to do is give the clean eating program a real go. If you think that this can’t help you sustain a healthier lifestyle – then simply contact my customer support team and I’ll give you your money back. No ifs, ands, or buts.

      I’ve provided you with the best offer I can – the final step to achieving your goal lies with you.

      If you’re ready to finally take back control of your weight, health and life – I’ll see you on the next page –
      To a healthier life!

      Sincerely, your friend and coach

      Author of “The 52 CHEF HABITS Program”

      P.S.: And remember...if for any reason at all you're not convinced that this lives up to what you've read here - simply contact customer support and receive a full refund. You really have nothing to lose...

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