Are You Ready to
Improve Your Health,
Lose Weight & Feel Great
in Just 5 Minutes a Day?

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The 52 Chef Habits Planner Kit to Safe and Consistent Weight Loss for Busy Women.

The easiest way to change your life and your health is with a process. With this kit you will learn how to create sustainable clean eating habits to boost your energy levels and maintain a healthy body without spending a fortune or invest hours in your kitchen.

"Now you can improve your health, lose weight and feel great in just
5 minutes a day without dieting."

This is for you if you are...

  • a health-conscious woman who feels a little overwhelmed by all the clean eating advice on the internet and you are looking for simplified strategies that get you results.
  • a busy mother who finds it difficult to stay organized and motivated regarding food and exercise or you don't have much time to spend in your kitchen to prepare complicated meals.
  • an influencer like a nutrition/fitness coach, entrepreneur or other encourager who wants a simplified approach to healthy habits to boost your productivity and make a difference on this planet.  
  • someone who is just sick of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and restrictive eating plans and you want to stress less about your body.

What's Included in
The 52 Chef Habits Planner Kit? 

planner kit

This printable planner is a digital (PDF ebook) with 122 unique pages. Each page can be printed as many times as you want in A4 or US Letter Size format. It has everything you need to support your journey to safe and consistent weight loss.

The planner has been designed to look elegant and sleek; and after printing to function beautifully in your binder with enough space for hole punching.

This is unique and not available
with any other weight loss planner:

In fact it is more than a printable planner! You can use the digital PDF file as reference guide on your computer, iPad, Kindle, Nook or smart phone. It has clickable links and provides access to in-depth information regarding each of the 52 Chef Habits on On top of that, it refers to yummy and lean recipes, worksheets and other tools to maximize your
weight loss success.

You can expect:

52 Chef Habits

52 smallest changes (baby steps)
you can finish and feel good about it in the field of clean eating, fitness or happiness - with clickable links to important background information. 

Smart Trigger 

Suggestions for reliable triggers that send a signal to your brain letting you know that it is time to perform a specific action in context of the habit.

Goal Planner

Thoughtfully designed, goal planner that will help you set and visualize meaningful goals and stick with them. Outline the 'why' behind your goals and celebrate each little victory.

Clean Eating Recipes

Convenient access to over 100 mouthwatering, clean eating recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and desserts that are quick and easy.

Motivational Tools

Effective tools like activity cards, inspirational printables, gratitude templates and motivational posters in bright colors.

Habit Tracker

Weekly habit charts to put the habit creation strategy into practice. An effective way to keep you motivated and track your weekly progress. 

Undated Planner

The undated planner uses a weekly format that will boost your productivity. Use it as food log, weight loss tracker, to plan workouts or smaller events.

Menu Planning

Sufficient space for weekly menu planning. It will help you stay organized and easily plan your meals in advance + simplify grocery shopping.

Grocery Shopping List

The grocery list is the perfect place to streamline your grocery shopping process and keep track of all the things you need to buy. To use in conjunction with your weekly meal planner.

52 Inspirational Quotes

Each week you will see an inspirational quote related to the specific habit change. Because the right quote hits you with the right amount of motivation when you need it most.

Yearly Dated Calendars

Beautifully designed yearly dated calendars with space for notes. The year has been divided into 12 rows of 7 days each. Each month has been given a different color.

Reminder Box

The reminder box is a place to write down your weekly ideas, tips and victories. A convenient way to keep all your specific insights and inspirations attached to each habit.

Get instant access to the 52 Chef Habits Planner Kit (PDF eBook) now!

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Are you ready to create a body you love?

No extremes: Learn the secret for burning fat naturally with 52 healthy habits and without extreme workouts, diet pills, painful cardio, or starvation diets! It will mend your broken relationship with food and your body and help you quit dieting and deprivation for good.

Will last you a lifetime: One of the best things about investing in the printable 52 Chef Habits Planner Kit is that it really will last you a lifetime. When you’ve used up all your planner pages, simply print out a fresh new set of inserts and you're ready to start organizing again.

Doable Baby Steps: Let me take you by the hand and walk you step by step through the ins and outs of clean eating and meal planning. Don't let healthy eating make you nervous - I will keep it simple - I promise.

It's amazing that once you open your mind to what the world has to offer, it will attract exactly what you need. In this instance, Gabi Rupp's book "The 52 Chef Habits Planner" is exactly what I need. The positives to date are: an easy to access 52 week plan, no boot camp style miracles, weeks 1 goal of setting the yearly goal in an easily understandable process with many helpful hints quotes and best of all, the lovely Gabi there to help me along the way.

The plan is very inspirational, and doesn't expect change overnight. I am set to lose weight, eat better, cleanse and learn to have a better eating plan I hope to implement for life. Oh and the goals are set so even the busiest person can become part of this. Thanks Gabi and for inspiring many to change positively and non judgmentally, your a motivational angel.

Vanessa Haley                 

I highly recommend 'The 52 Chef Habits Planner' for those who have tried everything to reach their weight loss goal. This is a weekly planner of 52 healthy changes you can make in a year. If you are looking for unrealistic 'get quick thin' steps, then this is not the book for you. For those who are serious about committing to a healthy lifestyle for lasting results and happiness then get this book. Actually, this is more than a book on eating clean, but a guide to change your mindset and to help you form better habits to improve your quality of life.​

What I find to be extremely effective with this author's approach to weight loss is her passion to want people to live a better, healthier life. She emphasizes the journey as being a marathon and not a sprint, which I find more realistic and attainable. She conditions you take it week by week, step by step, to help you develop good habits for long term results. I also love that she doesn't leave you hanging: she offers her website as a tool to help and encourage you along the way.

Three weeks invested, and I am on the path of a changed lifestyle by implementing and developing smart daily habits. The power of goal setting and being consistent can be life changing. This book shows you how. Being healthy is a revolutionary art and this planner encourages you to rethink the rules of weight loss. This guide is simply life changing. 

Elle J.                 

Are you ready to stop worrying about food and start living?

The Unique 52 Chef Habits Planner Kit is simply bursting with information that will change the way you eat - and think about food.  Learn to take inspired action today and be motivated to create the body you love.

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If you have any doubts left that this planner kit can help you achieve the goals you dream of – then you should finally consider my money-back-guarantee.​

No Gimmicks, Tricks or Fine Print. I’m offering a 100%,  personal Money-Back-Guarantee. That’s how confident I am that the
52 Chef Habits Planner Kit will transform your life!

Much of the information in this book is not new, but it is arranged in a do-able baby-step by baby-step way which is essential for changes to be made. I really liked the links to the website which were in the text because it made it easy to get more information and kept the text simplified. I loved that she began with goal-setting because there must be specific goals, not nebulous ones like "get healthy." I may not incorporate all the habits, and some I am already doing, but I will definitely use this on my quest for the best life possible.​

Susan Iversen                 

I love this book! It has so much helpful information packed into each step. I like that each section has actual actions to take, and there's plenty of advice about all the different ways to get healthier. Nowadays, we need all the help we can get, and this inspirational book makes it easier. I love how everything is organized and set up, and spelled out clearly for those of us who need help in this area. It's amazing the wide scope of this book. I highly recommend this one!

Lee Broom

Gabi Rupp’s “52 Chef Habits” is absolutely a must-have for anyone who is looking to positively improve their life. She has created a weekly habit planner that each week provides a way to change the reader’s lifestyle in terms of eating, fitness, or overall happiness. On one side of the page there are simple, easy steps to helping incorporate change, ideas for how to reward oneself after completion of the change, and ideas for triggers (which remind the reader to follow through with the change). On the next page will be space for the week where you can write down your own rewards and triggers, a quote that applies to the change, space for a meal plan, as well as the date for which you instilled your change. There is one new change for each of the 52 weeks.

None of the changes are drastic, nor do they cost copious amounts of money. They can be used by anyone and everyone who is seeking guidance in becoming healthier and happier. Some of the changes include practicing meditation, developing a positive attitude, cutting out shopping, drinking green tea, motivating your kids for clean eating, getting more sleep, stopping emotional eating, and simplifying meal planning. Although everyone knows what they should be doing to be healthy, it can be difficult putting the ideas into motion.

With this book, I was able to get the motivation and accountability I needed to be incorporating these changes into my life. As a result, I have been eating healthier, exercising more, and most importantly, feel like I have successfully made myself healthier. If you want to take care of your body and mind, buy this book, use it, and make yourself proud!



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Get instant access to the 52 Chef Habits Planner Kit
(PDF ebook) now!

You will be given immediate access after purchasing, so you can get started right away.


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