Cabbage carrot slaw recipe with pineapples: yummy and easy


Last Updated on July 30, 2019

The easiest and quickest cabbage carrot slaw recipe is to toss some chunks of cabbage and carrots in a food processor and mix it with a vinegar-oil dressing. Add some caraway seeds (helps to prevent flatulence) and you are done within some minutes.

cabbage carrot slaw
clean eating cabbage salad recipe

The problem with this kind of easy raw salad is, that the taste experience of processed cabbage is in my opinion inferior to thinly sliced veggies with a shredder. Yes, it takes some time to slice those sturdy vegetables, but I think it is worth it.

You know that is all about simplifying clean eating recipes. and habits. But for a yummy shredded carrot salad with pineapple, I feel it is worth to go an extra mile. I like in this context the quote by “Albert Einstein”:

Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler!

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That’s exactly how I think about the healthy recipe I’m presenting to you today.

healthy cabbage salad

As there are quite a few people who dislike caraway, I want to share with you a clean eating recipe that replaces caraway seeds with less common anti-flatulence foods: Pineapples! This raw salad tastes not only very refreshing but I love also its spring colors:)


Cabbage carrot slaw with pineapples

A delicious and refreshing raw salad

  • Author: Gabi Rupp
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Total Time: 15


  • 3 cups of shredded cabbage or thinly sliced
  • 2 cups of carrots, shredded
  • 1 cup of small pineapple chunks (for a clean approach I use 8 oz cans pineapple slices in 100% Pineapple Juice, no added sugar, e.g. from Dole, see my Amazon picks below)
  • juice of 1 lemon or apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


  1. Place cabbage, carrots, and pineapples in a large bowl.
  2. Blend lemon juice, olive oil and salt in a small bowl to a creamy salad dressing.
  3. Pour dressing over vegetables and blend thoroughly.
  4. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate.


  • Tip 1: The salad tastes even better if you let it sit for at least 2 hours before serving


  • Serving Size: 3

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simple cabbage salad
Kitchen gadgets to simplify the healthy salad recipe

To thinly slice the head, I use a wooden cabbage shredder, see my recommendations below. To shred the carrots I recommend a boxed grater, I’ve also included in my recommended picks.

Many ways to use it

Raw food before a warm meal is a must for many clean eaters. It doesn’t always have to be a green salad. Cruciferous vegetables provide the basis for a tasty wholesome starter all year round.

This clean eating salad is not only wonderful as a starter but you will love it the next day in your lunch box too. And not to forget – it is a perfect match for each barbecue party or as a Mexican cabbage slaw for tacos.

pineapples cabbage salad

Extra tip, if you want to prevent a too watery salad: Mix in a bowl sliced cabbage with salt and knead it with your hands until it releases a milky juice. Then let it sit for 30 minutes. Press cabbage through a strainer to remove excess water. BTW, as I prefer a “juicy salad” I never need this extra step.

5 aspects and a 25-year old love affair

If you are a longtime reader of my blog posts, then you know that cabbage has played a crucial role in my life:

  1. It was the magic cabbage soup that was a game changer for me when I struggled with my weight over 25 years ago.
  2. Based on my weight loss experience, I created my first website in 2004 with the focus on this cruciferous vegetable. With this website, it was the first time that I earned significant money on the web. This turning point encouraged me to turn my back on corporate work forever and to become a WAHM (work at home mom) and entrepreneur.
  3. In my first book that I ever published on Amazon, it played again the main role: Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 – The Ultimate Guide
  4. It is the one single vegetable that I have always at home as it is super flexible and keeps fresh in my fridge or pantry for several weeks:)
  5. Cabbage plays of course also an important role in my flagship product – my 52 Chef Habits Course.

Yummy variation: creamy, simple cabbage salad with bell peppers

Here comes a yummy variation of this juicy raw food salad. Instead of carrots and pineapples, you could add slices of green bell peppers and minced green onions. As for dressing, I recommend a blend of apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, sesame oil, and salt. Feel free to sprinkle your some sesame seeds over your starter.

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If you love recipes with pineapples then you should also know this fantastic salsa recipe. Liz from has created a tropical salsa with just a little heat and the right amount of sweetness. Click through to grab her amazing pineapple salsa recipe!

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cabbage salad with carrots and pineapples