Clean Food Habits: How to conduct the last effort for the year

After 51 clean food habits, we have come to the last change. Congratulations! The focus of this last week is to do a little self-discovery and exploration. I want you to feel calm, tranquil and at peace.

Over the course of one year, you have sown the seeds to accomplish the smart goal you formulated in week 1.

clean food habits: sow your seeds

And if success grew from this seed, then you know that it is time to harvest.  This is a perfect time for contemplation, to slow down, enjoy the holidays, and celebrate with your loved-ones…

Were you only able to tackle a few clean food habits? Then now is the time to sow more seeds and to get more ambitious regarding your smart goal setting. Let the holiday season inspire you for more inner growth and strength.

Fact is: it is impossible not to harvest what you sow. Success maybe won’t come when you’ve planned for it, but what you sowed yesterday will yield fruits some day in the future.

Your state of mind in the holiday season will allow you to take a small break and to reflect on your actual situation. You see your family your friends and what they’ve harvested over the course of a year (e.g., they got healthier, fitter, happier, etc.).

While you are plowing the field for next year, it is important to know that the seeds you sowed this year are still growing. No matter if you started to shine your sink each evening, to walk regularly or to eat chia seeds each day.

Don’t be surprised if the harvest starts when you expect it the least. Even when your big change doesn’t happen at a perfect time, what counts is that you will have a good harvest if you sow well.

What are the next steps?

This is easy. In week 1, a new year starts. If you managed to successfully complete most of the 52 clean food habits but also the smart routines for more fitness and happiness, then you should feel fantastic now. Instead of letting go another year and asking yourself where all the time has gone, you have invested your time to something important: your health and your well-being.

That means you arrived in week 52 and have made a lot of progress with your clean eating, fitness and kitchen organization.

You’ve not only come closer to your smart goal from week 1, but you also grow as person. In the past weeks, you evolved into somebody who understands what setting smart goals does, as well as the power of persistence, healthy habits, gratitude and a positive attitude.

And you should be in a position to repeat this formula every year.

But wait – your goal should not be to “copy” this year again; instead, you want to build on the success of this year. While others around you continue to grow, you don’t want to stand still. Remaining stagnant is farming backwards …

Now, how exactly can you make sure next year will be a successful year for you; a year that brings you health, love and joy?

Use the momentum!

If you are a clean eating beginner, then you should use the “momentum” that you gained over the course of the year. That means that you can utilize all your experience and knowledge and never stop practicing it. If you implemented some new daily routines in your life like “regular meal time,” 2-minute mediation, hydration, eating more vegetables, etc., then you should stick to them in the new year too. Don’t let the holidays thwart you.

In week 1, you will use the smart goal setting sheet again and formulate a new goal for the New Year. Take a look at the 52-Week clean eating habits overview. Ask yourself while you overlook the whole year if you should tackle certain clean food habits again that didn’t work for you. Now would be the time to optimize weekly fitness routines so that they run even more smoothly next year. Use the time with your family to discuss how you can support each other even more next year. What clean eating habits were they involved with, which ones did they like, and which ones were hard for them and why? Be kind and open to new suggestions and ideas from your family. Check with their schedules if your regular meal times have to be adjusted.

Think about advanced strategies for changes that were easy for you. You will ask yourself the same question after another year. What did I achieve this year?

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Each week you’ll get new inspirations and also advanced tips for the actual clean eating habits. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you there again.

Now it’s your turn!

I hope to hear from you in the comment section below. Which change worked for you very well this year and which one do you plan to adjust and give a second try in the next year.

Ok, I’ll begin. What didn’t work for me this year is trampoline jumping. I planned to buy myself a trampoline this year for those rainy days when I can’t go outside for a run. Instead my husband and me started to go to the gym twice a week for several months. It works very well for us two as the fitness gym is just around the corner. That way we can combine a short evening walk with effective strength training.

I truly hope you enjoyed this 52 changes. I spent over 18 months putting these healthy habits and routines together for you and I know it’ll help you fast-track your way to live healthier.

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