How to drink more water: 2 week action plan for healthy hydration habits


In this article, you will learn how to drink more water every day to stay hydrated and lose weight, if this is your goal. In the baby step challenge, I showed you how to drink water effectively – the LeanJumpStart approach…

Here you can take it to the next level if you want.

how to drink more water: 2 week action plan

Week 1: education & awareness

The best water to drink is pure clean water, sodium-free club soda or seltzer out of glass bottles. This is the healthiest option when you are thirsty.

Pay attention to sugar or honey in hot beverages, as well as, juices and sodas. Their liquid calories quickly add up. Some beverages such as the Starbucks Frappuccino can have calories equivalent to that of the main meal.

This advice listed above is also publicized by Professor Popkins of the University of North Carolina (UNC). He has consulted with governments regarding obesity for many years. Popkins was shocked by his observations in China’s remote provincial schools. During his visits more than 20 years ago these schools all had a drinking fountain available. Currently, soda machines are one of the main culprits of childhood obesity. That was also the reason why the Peking government asked for Popkins’ help.

His thesis: “The Stone-age man ate to satisfy his hunger” states that man used to chew and swallow until the stomach was full and when he was thirsty he drank water.

Fluids can make you full too, but this is something our body has not realized until now. You may quickly drink the calories of a full meal and still not feel satiated because it takes time for the brain to register that you are full.

If you do not like it plain, try some of these options:

  • Add a squeeze of lime or a splash of lemon juice or mint leaves to your water or club soda.
  • Consume unsweetened, all-natural, decaffeinated beverages such as herbal teas.
  • Buy a new kind of herbal tea every time you shop until you’ve found a couple that taste just right. …And by all means, say yes, if someone offers you a cup of herbal tea!
  • Make fruit and vegetable infused water. It still tastes great, and it’s an excellent way to use raspberries, oranges, melon or cucumber from your garden or the farmers market.
  • Remember that food sources can provide significant amounts of your necessary daily water intake. Foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, and oranges are up to 90% water, and coffee, juice, and soup count toward your daily liquid need as well.

How to drink more water

Week 2: Increase your daily consumption

Keep in mind that your body would be perfectly content if you drank nothing but water. In this second week double your fluid consumption: Drink an 8-ounce glass every hour, starting when you wake up.

Try some of these suggestions and honored tricks to increase your daily consumption of water. That way remembering to drink is no struggle but fun!

  • Drink in the morning
    Drink a little water every time in the morning before you brush your teeth for a refreshing start into your day.
  • Try multitasking
    While you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, drink a glass of water (or herbal tea) and sip while you wait.
  • Become a connoisseur
    Develop a taste for the various types of bottled waters available (spring, mineral, reverse osmosis, filtered, sparkling waters etc.). It is important to read the labels as some “waters” have significantly added salt and/or calories.
  • Drink your glass before and with meals
    Set a glass of water at each place setting at the table on a daily basis. Make it a habit to a glass before every meal because this helps to fill you up. Sipping water between every few bites is another great idea that can slow you down while also meeting your hydration needs.
  • Stock up your fridge
    Before you go to bed each night, put in the refrigerator the number of bottles you would like to drink the next day. They’ll be cold and waiting for you when you wake up. To keep your liquid cold use a water cooler throughout the day.
  • Drink only little before bedtime
    You may drink some water after brushing your teeth. But be careful! Avoid hydration too close to bedtime as it might result in nighttime waking to urinate.
  • Choose clean, filtered water
    Sometimes tap water contains a host of pollutants or just tastes yucky.
    Take it to the next level by getting a faucet or pitcher filter to leave in the good and keep out the bad.
  • Veggie or Fruit Infused beverage
    You can easily increase the amount of water you drink with my creative Top 24 detox water recipe ideas

Tell me your strategies 

What are your strategies for a healthy level of hydration? What kind of water do you prefer to drink? Please share your tips with us below in the comments. Here comes my last inspiration: 43 water quotes: inspirational sayings about river, ocean, and hydration


8 thoughts on “How to drink more water: 2 week action plan for healthy hydration habits”

  1. In order to drink more, I have a bought a 1.5L teapot (Thermos) for the Office. In the morning when I arrive, I make a full pot of herbal or decaf organic green tea and must finish the pot before I go home.

  2. Water is very essential to everybody. I enjoy my water with cucumber, lemon, and lime slices accompanied by some peppermint leaves. It’s so refreshing! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank YOU for sharing these great tips Evelyn! I love Peppermint leaves in my water too – especially on hot summer days – in winter I rather prefer only lemon or lime…and on especially cold winter days it has to be hot herbal tee with lemon:)

  3. I replaced the 44 oz. of diet soda I’d take each day with me to work with water to sip on through the day. I’m using the same refillable cup I’d usually take to the fountain machine each morning on my way out, so I feel that I’m on the same routine. It’s just filled with something much better for my body!

  4. Your plan sounds reasonable Brenda! It is wonderful that you own already a “healthy” glass water bottle that you love. Such little things can really make a difference when it comes to keep your motivation:)
    All the best for your hydration challenge!

  5. I’m currently drinking about 60 oz of water a day. I struggle with it though. Based on my current weight I should be drinking 95 oz. I have a glass water bottle that I love & it’s 20 oz, so my plan is to increase it by one bottle this week & 1 next week to get to where I should be.

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