Check your weight: 3 easy steps for a healthier, slimmer shape


An important success factor for a slimmer shape is to check your weight daily. That’s why this controversial keystone habit will be the focus of this week’s clean eating habits challenge.

checking weight: 3 easy steps to simplify weight management

Are you close to your goals on the scale but can’t lose the last couple of pounds? You eat clean, you exercise regularly and yet…If until now you are getting on the scale only once per week (or even less), then this challenge could be the turning point for you!

Clean eating is not a success guarantee

You know that eating clean and getting in shape can go hand-in-hand. But it must not be that way. There are still many clean foods out there that are indeed super healthy and yet they still have the potential to make you fat. Often it is a question of portion control.

Think about eating three slices of super fresh, whole wheat bread or snacking unconsciously on a cup of raw almonds. For some people, this is not a problem others might have a hard time to keep their shape. Consuming a big portion of peanut butter oatmeal each morning gives you plenty of energy and yet it’s not the best idea. You eat clean, but still, if you stick to this breakfast habit you will probably gain some pounds.

Do you know the kinds of foods that can make you fat?

At the very least, you should know the kinds of healthy foods your body turns into fat zones. In my case, I noticed eating –two to three slices of whole grain bread per day instead of one didn’t make much difference. But if I ate one cup of almonds instead of one tablespoon, I’d gained at least one more pound the next day…

I know this because I tested it quite often…

So, the fastest and most accurate method that can help you get a feeling for how your eating habits affect your body is stepping on the scale each day. Period!

I hear you protesting: “Stepping on the scale daily – this is something many experts on the web don’t recommend.”

Check your weight every day versus once a week

Many fitness sites suggest a fixed day for weighing yourself once per week. The numbers of advocates and opponents regarding “weighing only once a week” are roughly equal. The idea behind this is that you don’t want to let the scale control your life and possibly drag you down each day.

I have a different opinion on that. In contrast: from my own experience, I can claim that stepping on the scale daily has helped me tremendously with weight loss. Knowing that my own experience alone might not persuade you, I’m presenting you with the following eye-opening scientific study!

checking weight

Daily weigh-ins are important for successful factors

Whether you want to lose pounds or maintain your healthy weight, you should check your weight daily. A long-term study with over 3,000 overweight and obese men and women came to the same conclusion.

The participants of the study attended either a special weight loss program or followed a fitness training regimen under medical supervision that prevented weight gain. All of them originally had different weighing habits and were weighed again by the scientists over the course of several years. The long-term study showed clearly that the daily weigh-in in the first group (those who wanted to lose weight) resulted in a very positive weight loss effect.

But surprisingly, the second group (those who wanted to maintain their success) found it easier to lose weight if they confronted themselves each day with the scale. As soon as the participants saw the numbers on the balance increasing, they knew that it was time to do something about it.

It seems to be easier for us to combat a tiny amount of weight gain than to compensate for a larger gain all at once. When you check the numbers on your scale daily, then a constructive mind shift happens. This mind shift is independent of dietary changes or slimming programs.


Best time for the scale

For adults, a daily fluctuation between two to three kilograms is quite common. That’s why it is important to always keep the conditions for the weighing process the same. You’ll only get consistent results if you always step on the scale at the same time, undressed. The best time to do this is after you get up in the morning and after you’ve visited the toilet, before breakfast.

clean eating: how to automate your daily weight checking

Baby action steps to automate your daily weight checking process

Use the time after you get up in the morning and after you’ve visited the toilet as a trigger.

Step 1: Develop the daily routine of stepping on the scale undressed, breakfastless in the morning.

Step 2: Jot your exact number on a daily calendar or chart. Please don’t cheat; not being exact will make it harder for you to lose pounds.

Over time, the daily habit will give you a feeling for portion control. A feeling for that what you ate the day before or how much you exercised. You will be able to read the results of your eating habits on the scale for the day before, so act accordingly.

Step 3: Stick to this daily weighing habit for several weeks (or even indefinitely) and learn exactly what kind of clean eating habits provoke a positive weight loss effect.

Believe me: this important knowledge regarding your personal weight loss potential in the context of clean eating is a great gift nobody can take away from you.

The scale – Your loyal companion

The scale was, in fact, for me a very important and constant companion on my journey and it still is for me today even while I’m maintaining my weight. Even nowadays I step on my digital scale each morning. I’m far away from being obsessed with the electronic helper, but I’m absolutely an advocate of daily weigh-ins (with good reason).


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