Healthy habit changes: How to create behavior chains


This week I will show you a simple technique that will assist you in making your healthy habit changes stick.

healthy habit changes: How to create behavior chains and simplify clean eating

How can you keep all 52 changes?

Actually, you can’t stick to all healthy habit changes. Implementing 52 habits a day, every day is an illusion! Some will work for you, others will not (for example: if they operate against your conceptions or if you have specific food intolerances).

But there are some strategies you can apply that will help you stick to healthier habits. I considered most of these strategies when I created the 52-week challenge.

3 basic rules to make positive habit changes stick

  1. Use reliable triggers as reminders
  2. Make the habits irresistible easy
  3. Use a small reward you enjoy

For all of you who are interested in learning more about the impact of those three rules, I will delve into this in my advanced approach.
In the following, I will present to you an easy technique that you can apply immediately in order to help you make your habits stick.

Create behavior chains

Healthy Habit Changes

This effective approach is based on the Seinfeld Strategy. It is important for you to understand that this strategy helps take the focus off of each individual performance and puts the emphasis on the process instead.

This is a concept even the famous philosopher Aristotle knew more than 2,000 years ago.

In the beginning, performance is not that important. What does matter is becoming the person who always sticks to the new habit – no matter how insignificant it seems. Your single task is simply “not breaking the chain.”

Baby action steps for creating behavior chains

Step 1: Click here and Print out the Clean Eating Habits Checklist
Step 2: Hang this behavior chart on a prominent wall
Step 3: Get a big magic marker
Step 4: For each week that you manage to meet a challenge, put a big X over that week. Please pick only challenges that are meaningful to you.

Now, look at it!
What do you see? Hopefully, you’ve already built up several chains of healthy habit changes.

Just keep at it and each chain will grow longer every week. You’ll like seeing these chains grow longer. Your only job is to avoid breaking the chain.

Quote about Habits

Or as the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle puts it: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
Click through for 91 habit quotes about change.

Do you prefer using an app on your iPhone or iPad instead of a printed chart? Then I can recommend the online motivational tool “chains” helping you master Seinfeld’s productivity secret.

How is the “Behavior Chain” challenge going for you?

Do you have any questions? How many chains do you see right now after nine weeks of habit changes? This is my checklist of healthy habit changes. It is not perfect, but I think I’m on the way…

Gabi's checklist for healthy habit changes

Which kind of tool do you prefer to use – the printed checklist or the app?
Hold yourself accountable and share the number of active chains with us in the comments below!

What should you do if you see some broken chains?

Click here and I will give you some effective tips while digging deeper into the fascinating habit change theory!