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Why is it so hard to make clean eating habits stick?

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  1. I always tend to skip breakfast and this translates into a huge lunches and a lot of snacking throughout the day. Can you recommend some super quick breakfast ideas, keeping in mind I’m not the best cook. I usually have my coffee and I’m good to go but I know that having a small breakfast can reduce my cravings.

    • Hello Lilith,
      you are right, a healthy, satisfying breakfast in the morning is super important. What I love most is oatmeal – but not cooked, so this breakfast choice saves time! Find here some inspirations for quick and easy clean eating breakfast recipes:

  2. How long do you think it takes for a new habit to replace an old one? I’m doing my best to eat as healthy as possible but if you have a 9 to 5 job, this isn’t always possible. Right now I’m stuck at rewarding myself. After my workout or after a few days of eating clean I tend to reward myself with a cheat meal and I end up gorging myself. How to train my mind to say stop after a small snack?

    • Thank you for your great question, Samantha – this one is crucial!
      According to the health psychology researcher Phillippa Lally, at University College London it takes exactly 66 days before a new habit becomes automatic — This is more than 2 month. Lally examined the habits of 96 people over a 12-week period. He published the results of his study in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

      Of course the duration can vary widely depending on the the person, the habit and the circumstances. In his fascinating study, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to sustain a new habit.
      I will show you in my next video a smart strategy how you can train your mind to say stop after a small snack.

  3. After a lot of years of being fat shamed I decided to change my mind and body. I got a gym membership and soon working out became a habit. Now I can’t imagine not being active, I love the body I was able to redesign.

    However, I’m having a HUGE problem with my diet. I’m not able to follow my meal plan, I always grab a small snack or drink half a glass of soda considering it’s not such a big deal but this is dragging me down.

    How to reward myself without going overboard?

    • Hello Martha,
      I can very much relate to you regarding gym membership. It is only last year that my husband and I started a gym membership too. It is just around the corner and we combine it with a 10 minutes evening walk twice a week. It is such a wonderful habit and I love also the fact how the strength training redesigns and shapes my body.
      Regarding snacks it is just a question of what you can replace your unhealthy snacks with. There are so many yummy choices. Check out my list of 21 clean eating snacks: No need to ban snacks but instead replace the worst with healthier choices. More about this in my next video.

  4. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your site, Gabi! I’ve always been a bit overweight and this made me socially awkward because I felt embarrassed with my weight. Working out helped me to shed some pounds but I can’t seem to be able to lose the last 20 pounds. My diet is mostly healthy and I say mostly because I tend to overindulge; my cheat meals are closely related to my mood, if I’m too sad I’ll ignore my plan and eat chocolate after chocolate. Waiting for your next video, hope I’m able to replace my old habits with new healthy ones!

    • Welcome on board Diane, I’m glad too that you stumbled over my website:) First of all congratulations for your working out helping you shed some pounds! Fact is the last couple of pounds are always the hardest…but it’s not impossible! Your healthy diet is a great base. Emotional eating seems to be your biggest struggle. I’ll give you some deeper insights regarding emotional eating in my next video. So please stay tuned!

  5. I’m desperate! After giving birth two years ago I’ve been struggling to get my body back. I have a horrible muffin top and because I work from home I’m always munching on something. What healthy snacks do you recommend? I do my best not to buy unhealthy food but my husband isn’t the best healthy eating advocate and he buys a lot of junk food that tempts me. Please, please, reply!

    • Dear Joanne,
      please don’t despair! Congratulations to your baby…by now it is probably a toddler;)
      And you know that your eating behavior will shape your kid’s future…so it is even more important to escape the junk food trap!
      Regarding your husband the best advice I can give you is not trying to change him – instead lead with great example! Maybe you could arrange with your hubby that he hides his snacks in a safe place.
      Fill your fridge instead with the yummiest and healthiest snacks you can get (don’t forget to toss out crap). I gave a link before to my 21 clean eating snacks. In the following link you get some inspirations how to stock your fridge for clean eating:
      And please stay tuned for my following 2 videos with a whole lot more tips. All the best for you and your family.

  6. I reviewed your video. I enjoyed it very much. I’m using my Amazon Fire Kindle. When you got to the point where you are describing the little German town your from the sign up screen pops ups. This is very distracting and truthfully a real turn off. I did have the option of closing that screen which I did. The rest of the information was informative. It got me excited about the program. I hope this is helpful.
    Janet Arroyo

    • Dear Janet,
      thank you so much for letting me know about the distracting optin popover. I totally forgot to switch it off, but now I removed it altogether. I’m glad that you found my video informative:)

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