How to stop watching TV: 3 Week Action Plan (binge-watching included)


In this advanced approach, you’ll get some effective strategies on how to stop watching TV. This challenge is also for you, if you binge-watch Netflix or if you are a binge racer. This is a viewer who aims to finish a complete series of a show within 24 hours of its release.

stop watching tv: 3 week action plan to support clean eating

Week 1: TV- and computer free bedroom

We learned in our baby-step approach that eating your lunch or dinner mindfully without media is one factor that might prevent obesity. Another important aspect is where your TV or computer is located.

Did you know that having a bedroom TV increases your risk for discontinuing other healthy habits? A bedroom TV often leads to fewer regular family meals and decreased hours of sleep, independent of total TV viewing time. Both short sleep duration (Week #3 Challenge) and lack of regular family meals lead to weight gain and obesity.

That’s why the task for this week is short but very efficient:

Ban TV or computers from your and your kid’s bedrooms – now and forever! If you can’t remove it immediately at least stop watching television in your bedrooms!

 Week 2: Get more active

During week 2, cut down screen time and increase your activity level while watching your preferred series and shows.

Choose your favorite TV shows and mark them in your calendar, if they have fixed dates. In this week don’t spend more than an hour of television in your daily spare time.

Here are some tips to help increase your activity level:

Iron: Carry the ironing board and iron out into the living room and turn that dreary task into something that’s a little more bearable.

Fold laundry: You hardly even notice the time when you fold the clothes during a favorite show.

Dust and polish furniture: Dust in the room where you are watching TV, and do other rooms at commercial breaks.

Clean out your kitchen cabinets: Commercial time (if any) provides the perfect opportunity for de-clutter and organize your kitchen cabinets.

Write a shopping list: Check the freezer, fridge, and cabinets, to see what items you will need to buy that week. During a commercial, there is just enough time to take a look.

Exercise. When you start watching a TV show you can do sit-ups, push-ups or do some simple exercises to get some workout time in.

Stop Watching TV

Week 3: Stop it for a week

In the third week, think about something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done much of yet. Use this week to do that activity. If you can, stop watching TV altogether. Unplug television, take away the remote, and discontinue your cable service.  You will be doing something healthy for yourself and you will save money too!

Find another place to go if others in your home are watching TV and they do not want to give it up. Migrate to another room, in the garden, to the library, etc.

Enjoy what you have chosen to do when the time comes when you usually watch TV or binge-watch Netflix. It can be very rewarding to spend time playing music, reading, crafting, writing, learn something new, play a sport… spending time with loved ones … going outside for a brisk walk… cooking healthy clean eating meals … pursuing your passion… You may even have the time to start a business.

Enjoy this time! Continue this media-less time for as long as you want!

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Share your strategies!

Were you able to ban or reduce your screen time?? What are your best media diet strategies? Please share your tips below in the comments.