Printable Christmas Gift Tags: 4 easy steps to create holiday labels


Last Updated on May 20, 2018

I’ve just created a set of 8 printable Christmas gift tags for you. They will not only help you save money and time from not having to buy them in a store, but they’ll also add a handmade touch to your Christmas gifts.

printable christmas gift tags: Grab your free templates!

My mission on Leanjumpstart is inspiring you to simplify your healthy habits and that doesn’t stop at Christmas time. I can imagine what huge tasks are still ahead of you. We all know that Father Christmas gets all the credit, but it’s Mother Christmas who makes the festive day come together.

Probably by now you have most gifts at home but they are still waiting for their obligatory last-minute-wrapping. The same procedure as every year, some things just never change in spite of good resolutions…

4 easy steps to create printable Christmas gift tags immediately

printable christmas gift tags

All 8 of these free printable Christmas gift tags are assembled on one page and come in tag shapes all with images and messages of joy.

1) Click here for the Gift Tags Template (opens as PDF)

2) Print it with your printer on card stock or heavier paper.

3) Cut them out. (If you only have normal computer paper,
I recommend sticking two tags together.)

4) Use a hole punch and ribbon to accomplish your tags.

Now they are ready for your personal Christmas message or just the name of the recipient. Tip: I love to personalize these gift tags using a pen with gold ink. For these printable Christmas gift tags I’ve chosen a minimal design in black and gold.

This not only saves you printer ink but these holiday gift tags look also lovely when printed in black and white. 

Happy Gift Wrapping!

Two (Last-Minute) Gift Ideas that inspire healthy habits

You would like to use these printable Christmas gift tag templates but you still don’t have all gifts together? Don’t panic – I know how insanely busy you are.

When it comes to gift organization, wrapping and gift card writing I have to admit that I’m far away from being ahead of time. I think in this context I need some “exciting time pressure” to get things done.

I love to give inspirational things or gift certificates for precious moments/events – ideally self-made. As a lover of minimalism I omit however to give “clutter” without any additional value except for collecting dust. When talking about inspirational gifts I hope you don’t mind that I make a bit of self-promotion regarding my own products:

1. Inspirational Wall Art & Posters

famous mottos: How to create a modern, inspirational gallery quick and easy

In my Etsy shop you can choose among 120 inspirational instant download prints. If your recipient loves modern interior design he or she will be delighted by this affordable premium wall art that you can download immediately. All my prints come as 8″x10″ files per default, but you also can request custom orders.

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2. Inspirational Picture Quote Books

Did you know that I’ve published a series of bestselling gift books focusing on different topics like happiness, love, friendship, life, hope, fun, Christmas and many more. Each book comes with a special dedication page for your lovely personalization. There are still 9 days left, so ordering this week will put you on the safe side.

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Big Thank You To You

You know it, in this time of the year there is always so much activities going on that it is easy to forget to thank my valued readers, like you, for their loyalty.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks to my friends and my very best wishes for the future. And so I wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

I consider you as a good friend and extend my wishes for good health and happiness to your family. It is people like you, who makes working online such a pleasure all year long. Leanjumpstart is a source of pride to me and with readers and customers like you, I find doing work each day a rewarding experience.

Thanks for a wonderful year.
Happy holidays,

Gabi Rupp