Healthy 2016: How you make your clean eating habits stick!

Last Updated on May 20, 2018

With two days left before New Year’s Eve I’m presenting to you 3 top tools that will help you make your healthy habits stick in 2016.

Is a healthy 2016 one of your main goals?

  • You want to have more energy and feel less sluggish
  • You want to maintain your body as healthy as possible
  • You want to feel better, and if weight loss comes with it then hallelujah…

Probably it won’t surprise you, when I tell you that you are in good company with most Americans. According to Nielsen, weight and health are atop everyone’s New Year’s resolution list almost every year.

healthy 2016

And this with good reason, very often there is a common link between health and other categories in your life. Just having more energy and feeling better will very likely contribute in a positive way to your family life or career.

How to create sustainable Clean Eating Habits

You also know that creating sustainable clean eating habits is the key to success. Let’s face it: Changing habits for a better health or sustainable weight loss is easier said than done, especially when it comes to managing your wellbeing amidst the chaos of everyday living. 

My sincere goal is to help YOU switch to and enjoy a healthy energetic lifestyle you can practice all your life.

That’s why I’ve put together a program of 52 smart habit changes that matter most in the context of clean eating and natural weight loss. I started the program three years ago, refined it over the years according to your valued feedback and created several products and tools based on this concept. More about it in a minute.

A 52 clean eating schedule is the core element

The core element of this program is my 52 weeks clean eating habits schedule. You can download the updated 52 weeks clean eating schedule 2016 for free here. It is a blueprint for a healthy life designed to get your habits and routines on autopilot – so you’ll have more time for the things that are most important to you.

Many of my newsletters, blog posts and three of my products revolve around the 52 week clean eating changes presented in the schedule.

Are you a clean eating beginner or is it hard for you to make clean eating habits stick?

Is it difficult for you to stay organized and motivated regarding food and exercise? Then I have good news for you. Actually I’m offering two books and one self-paced course helping you to make your healthy habits stick:

  1. the 52 Chef Habits – Quick Reference Guide (Kindle)
  2. the 52 Chef Habits – Planner (Paperback)
  3. the 52 Chef Habits – The Email Course

All 3 products are based on the following ideas:

  • encouraging simple, baby-step changes in the field of clean eating, fitness and happiness
    that lead to big changes according to the 52 weeks clean eating schedule
  • presenting reliable triggers 
  • committing social accountability through tools and checklists

Check out my 3 products that will help you make your clean eating habits stick in 2016.

1) The Clean Eating Miracle: 52 Chef Habits –
The Quick Reference Guide (Kindle)


If you love reading Kindle books then this Quick Reference Guide 
is your short cut to success helping you make your clean eating habits stick.

This book is one of my most successful launches so far.
It was featured on Amazon’s top number #1 Hot New Releases.
On top of that it hit number #1 of the bestseller list in 2 categories.
On it has received 29 honest customer reviews averaging 4.6 stars from 5 stars.

Click here to learn more about the 52 Chef Habits Quick Reference Guide!

2) The Clean Eating Miracle: 52 Chef Habits –
The Weekly Habit Planner (Paperback)

clean eating planner

Writing things down is something I still revere as an art form. Most people, myself included, find that it helps them to remember their commitments better
and keeps them calmly prepared for the week ahead. Is this you too?

Then my weekly habit planner might be your perfect fit for a healthy 2016.
The undated planner uses a weekly format with spaces available for notes including
a weekly habit change checklist to check off. 
I’ve enclosed also a 2016 calendar. 

The planner has received 13 honest customer reviews averaging 4.7 stars from
5 stars.

Click here to learn more about the 52 Chef Habits Planner!

3) The Clean Eating Miracle: 52 Chef Habits Program –
A Self Paced 52 Weeks Email-Course

clean eating course

My flagship product and newest creation is a self-paced Email-Course based on the 52 clean eating changes. It includes 52 weeks of premium materials delivered straight to your email inbox.

I sincerely believe that the Email Course – the 52 Chef Habits Program
is the most effective way to inspire and motivate you to live healthier and
make positive changes in your eating habits and overall life.

This unique program you won’t find anywhere else on the web and it comes with two amazing bonuses. When you click on
the link below you will find also seven very inspiring case studies from actual
course participants.

Click here to learn more about the 52 Chef Habits Program!

Make 2016 your best year yet!

Ok that’s it. I’ve presented to you 3 top tools that will help you make your clean eating habits stick in 2016. Now it’s your turn to make 2016 your best year yet.

Be kind to yourself! You deserve a healthy and happy life!