Courses, Resources, Products
And Platforms That I love

Welcome to the LeanJumpStart Resources section, a curated list of the courses, products, books and platforms I strongly recommend for creating healthy, sustainable eating habits and live a life of purpose.

I have tested every recommendation on this page or I created the course or book by myself. Most of the resources listed here are crucial to developing healthy habits.

52 Chef Habits E-Course

This is my flagship program, an email course where you learn how to create sustainable clean eating habits to boost your energy levels and maintain a healthy body. You can even shed you last couple of pounds if this is your goal. Improve your health, lose weight and feel great in just 5 minutes a day without dieting.

cabbage soup diet 2.0 e-course
Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 E-Course

If you need a safe and effective detoxification program before you embark onto your clean eating journey don't look any further. The cabbage soup diet was for me many years ago the crucial game changer that helped me to regain my self-control over nutrition and life. I've put together my best weight loss strategies in this comprehensive, self-paced E-course.

lurch super spiralizer
Lurch Super Spiralizer

My family is a big fan of this ultra-versatile spiralizer my daughter introduced to me. We create beautiful pasta spirals with our vegetables and fruits. If you love a bit of creativity in your kitchen, or if you are a passionate cook who enjoys to try out new vegetable creations, then the Lurch Spiralizer with recipe book is worth its money.

how to master your emotions
How to Master Your Emotions

Are you an emotional eater? Then you should check out this Udemy course by James Hayes. It has blown me away and will blow you away too. He will teach you in just 1.5 hours 3 powerful techniques how to master your emotions with anyone, in any situation.

Inspirational Picture Quotes about Life

This is my largest Inspirational Picture Quote book I ever created featuring a beautiful combination of photography and timeless wisdom. These inspirational life quotes will challenge the way you think and perhaps even change the way you live.

Etsy - Sell Your Handmade Creations

Do you want to live your dream and start your online store with your own handmade creations? Then Etsy is your perfect platform. For starting your online store the link below gives you 40 free listings.

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