Quote Posters: Top 12 Favorite Art Prints for Health & Fitness (+Video)

...make also a perfect gift for health nuts 

I've put together my favorite 12 inspirational quote posters helping you accomplish your health, fitness and happiness goals with more mental energy. If you love minimalist interior design elements, you will be thrilled by this premium art. I present to you visual products that express personal mottos that get to the point in an instant. This typography art can help you focus on what’s really important. 

quote posters: top 12 inspirational poster ideas for health and fitness

You'll find here a hand-picked collection of inspirational quotations, perfect for the gym, locker or workout room, pilates & yoga studio, kitchen, bedroom or as a gift for (future) health nuts. This is a simple, quick and affordable way to increase willpower and fill your home or workout room with modern style. I've also preapared a short gallery video for you at the end of this blog post.

After purchase you receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of both the PDF and JPEG files of the artwork:

* A PDF that can print up to 8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4cm)
* 8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4cm) JPEG

Pick up your inspirational wall art today (Instant Download) and start motivating yourself or others in an effective way! The prints are as 8"x10" size by default, but you can get any other size per request.
Hint: If you buy the posters in bulk you can save even more money. Make sure to read to the end of this article to learn how and watch my gallery art video!

eat clean poster
Healthy Habits Wall Art

The best way to put my 52 Chef Habits in a nutshell is with the motto "get sleep, eat, clean, drink water, exercise, repeat". By the way, this clean eating & exercise print is hanging as wall art in my home and does a great job in motivating me daily to stick to healthy habits.

Click below to grab it or other healthy habit poster ideas.

running poster
Running Poster 

As a passionate runner it was clear to me that I had to create several running prints. The one I'm highlighting here is my absolute favorite. "Even a bad run is better than no run". Isn't this a powerful motto? It doesn't allow any excuses; you just know you have to run no matter the weather conditions or how you feel at the moment.

It summarizes perfectly that in the end it is not the performance that counts, but sticking to your regular running routine.

health quote poster
Health Design Inspiration 

Here is a typical encouragement poster reminding you that  good health should be top priority in your goal setting. Very often there is a relation between “health” and other aspects in your life.

Just having more energy and feeling better will very likely contribute in a positive way to other categories in your life like your family or career.

marathon poster
Marathon Poster (Or Other Challenge)

I just love this famous motto by ultra-marathon legend Dean Karnazes, one of the premier runners in the world:
"One step at a time". This simple approach will help runners of any ability who are struggling to complete a marathon or any other challenge in life.

Thinking about the 35 miles or e.g. 20 pounds of weight loss is too daunting. Be instead in the moment. Just keep going - step by step and do your best with every step or food choice.

studio poster: for yoga or pilates
Studio Artwork for Yoga or Pilates

"Inhale Exhale" is a perfect match for yoga and pilates studios. It is also a great design for a certain corner in your home where you can calm down and relax. 

To come as close as possible to the ease of breath I've used a very light font and lots of white space. Some of my customers even use this neutral print as minimalist dorm wall art in their modern homes. 

happiness quote poster
Happiness Wall Art

For this happiness poster I've chosen a golden color. While most of my wall art is "black and white" you'll find in my shop also a few exceptions. I feel there is no other color that could express "be happy, be bright, be you" better than the shining and friendly "golden color".

Reading this happiness quote will immediately put a smile on your face. And smiling alone helps boost your mood, lower stress and increase happiness. Another win for your health:) 

bicycle poster
Bicycle Poster

"Nice people ride bicycles" is the only bicycle poster you will find in my Etsy shop so far. But given its popularity I'm planning to create more bicycle prints in the future. An affordable gift idea for people who love cycling or mountain biking.

It is not only appealing for sports enthusiasts but especially encouraging for those who prefer the eco-friendly bicycle over a car transportation.

Dancing quote poster: dance more worry less
Dance Quote Artwork

"Dance more worry less" is an inspiring quote poster one could imagine in a ballet school or dance theatre. But that's not all. Are you an emotional eater? Then this poster could also be an effective game changer for you.

It is proven that incorporating pleasurable activities into your lifestyle will do wonders for your health. The next time you worry and snack passively just turn on your favorite music and dance! In this context you will find three other dance quote poster templates in my shop:
 - "when in doubt dance it out",
- "dance like nobody is watching" and
- "this kitchen is for dancing".

coffee quote poster: but first coffee
Coffee Wall Art

"But first coffee" is a special tribute to one of the most popular beverages in the world and central part of our culture. For the majority of people the evidence points to coffee being very healthy...despite having been demonized in the past.

This coffee poster makes a great reminder to take a break regularly and get the energy kick you need to be more productive. It is an exquisite wall decor in a modern kitchen, coffee shop as well as your working space. 

herb posters for kitchen
Herb Prints

Isn't this set of 6 watercolor herb prints just fabulous? If fresh herbs don't live long on your kitchen windowsill consider this decorative art: dill, parsley, rosemary, oregano, rucola and bay leaves. If you need a playful touch of green in your home then this modern take on a traditional subject matter is perfect. 

You can buy only one print or in bulk. Read below how you can save money when buying more than three posters in my shop.

gym poster
Workout Room or Gym Poster

There are seldom shortcuts in life. We all know that we have to work hard when we want to achieve a big goal. This could be your dream body, winning a certain contest, getting a flat tummy or just overall strength.

This contrast-rich art which works with negative space reminds you to stick to your healthy workout habits. The moment you are about to give up it inspires you to push even a bit harder. 

This modern black and white poster also makes perfect sense in the office of an entrepreneur or solopreneur.

happiness wall art
Happiness Picture Quotes

Here comes another inspirational quote: "happiness is not something ready made it comes from your own actions." Or in other words - we are the architects of our happiness. I've packed this thought-provoking wisdom into an eye-catching modern circle art.

In this poster I've played with the ombre effect​ - colors that gradually go from light to dark. The yellow shades of the mountain view are very beautiful and the transition between them is wonderful, very subtle and very artistic. 

modern-bedroom-decor: all you need is sleep
Modern Bedroom Decor

Who would have thought that this simple black and white dorm wall art was the most popular item in my Etsy shop?

But knowing that the state of our bedrooms affects the quality of sleep and stress levels it should come as no surprise. Do you still stare at a blank wall in your sleeping room? Can't decide on a perfect wall art because you want to avoid clutter in your bedroom? Then this minimalist typography print "all you need is sleep" is your perfect choice.

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For more design inspirations click the gallery video below! 

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