Lurch Super Spiralizer
With 3 Interchangeable Blades

The perfect vegetable spiral cutting machine for your clean eating kitchen

BY GABI RUPP,  February 18, 2016 11:00 AM

lurch spiralizer
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Lurch Super Spiralizer

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Spiral Cutting Machine




A solid, horizontal spiralizer that is ultra-versatile, easy to use and secure to your countertop. It creates best looking spiralized vegetable pasta in a snap.


Have you ever heard of a spiralizer? Originally a Japanese invention, they seem to be now everywhere. One year ago the word "spiralizer" meant absolutely nothing to me, but nowadays, this spiral cutting machine is an important tool supporting our clean eating habits.

I have to admit that as a kitchen minimalist I was very reluctant to buy it in the beginning. I just didn't want another complicated kitchen tool that was sitting in the pantry without ever being used.

It was my 14-year old daughter who asked me to purchase it. It took her three tries to convince me we needed it. When she finally mentioned that she would then eat even beetroots when prepared as vegetable spaghetti (she still rejects my beloved beetroot salad), I got very curious and thought we should give it a try. Could this be a sneaky way to get my daughter and husband to eat more vegetables?

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First Impression, Equipment, and Design

The Lurch Spiralizer is a sturdy, restaurant quality machine with a compact design that comes in a grey-white color. 

It is fairly straightforward with a blade, a removable handle grip, and a hand crank.

You attach the vegetable to the pronged holder and push it in until it is even with the blade, and then cut it into the desired shape. It is very similar to a giant pencil sharpener

The spiralizing tool contains three adjustable interchangeable inserts, two spaghetti blades, and one thick blade for different types of best looking spiral pasta.

3 spiralizer inserts with blades

Blades are conveniently stored in drawers

 The metal blades are made of stainless steel and are very sharp, which I think is absolutely necessary for efficiency. 

drawers for storing blades

The integrated blade inserts are conveniently stored in drawers in the foot of Lurch's cutting machine. This is ideal for people like me who tend to misplace little kitchen tidbits. Four non-slip suction feet secure the gadget on your countertop.

Please be careful when using it, and never let your kids use the spiralizer without your supervision.

Practical Test: Preparation of different fruit and vegetable types

You can use this super machine for almost all types of vegetables and fruits, as long as they are not too squishy or ripe. I mostly use it for carrots, beetroots, zucchini, cucumber, celery, potatoes, and apples. I was surprised to see that the  internet is full of a ton of easy and awesome spiralizer recipes. And most of them are clean eating recipes:)

And I will publish two of our favorite recipes soon. Hint: One of them is with beetroots;) I often use the vegetable noodles to make delicious raw salads, as a low carb noodle, pasta or rice replacement. I sometimes add it to soups, stir-fries, or pancakes. You can even make baked treats like onion rings, sweet potato curly fries, or crispy apple chips.

You can also shift the hand crank back and forth and adjust the size easily, fixing the vegetables or fruits between the blades and the hand crank. Then just start turning the crank with a bit of pressure in the direction of the blade. This functions very easily and works well without much effort.

spiralizer recipes

For me, the offered handle grip was not very helpful in this context. It is easier to apply a bit of pressure if you push the crank track slightly with your thumb from behind.

Once you get the hang of it, you have really beautiful, long pasta spirals on your plate in no time. In contrast to alternative tools I've read of, the Lurch super spiralizer uses up almost all of your vegetables leaving just a thin slice and a narrow stalk behind. (A little snack my daughter or I eat immediately)

It works the same with fruits, and also here, the consistency plays a major role. Needless to say, it won't work with a banana or a mellow peach.


If you clean the spiral cutting machine immediately after usage (you should!) and don't wait until the veggies or fruits become dry, then the tool is cleaned within a few minutes.

Sometimes you need a bit of fumbling to remove the little vegetable snippets from the edges of the blade. I clean it quickly with a dishwashing-brush under current water. Altogether the blades are really quickly cleaned again.

“The Lurch  Super Spiralizer offers a sneaky way to increase the vegetable consumption in your clean eating kitchen. It helps you prepare healthy pasta alternatives in a snap, granting your meals a beautiful look and that je ne said quoi.”

Sometimes it is not so much the question of taste but the look and feel that decides if you or your kids are eating certain vegetables or not. My daughter claims that spiralized beetroots taste much better than the sliced beet roots I have in our traditional beet root salad.


If you are looking for an ultra-versatile tool then I can warmly recommend the Lurch Super Spiralizer. It creates reliable, beautiful pasta spirals. If you are like me and love a bit of creativity in your clean eating kitchen, or if you are a passionate cook who wants to try out colorful vegetable pasta, then the Lurch is worth its money.


The Good Stuff:
  • Easy to affix, remove and store
  • Easy to use and secure to your countertop
  • Makes the best looking spiral-pasta
  • Ultra-versatile, three interchangeable blades give you more zoodle choices
The Bad Stuff:
  • Takes up some counter and storage space (but there are even larger spiralizers on the market)
  • Useless handle grip (but I found an easy workaround)
spiralizer small

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Start Creating Colorful Vegetable Pasta For Your Family Now

If you’re keen to get into spiralizing, then this solid spiralizer, made by the renowned German brand "Lurch" is a great buy for beginners*. 

*Disclosure: If you buy the item over the above links I will receive a small referral commission. In return I'm happy to answer you any questions that you have related to the product.